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Catalog #: 695-4
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The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet

Today's art teachers use the Internet to further professional development, to improve classroom presentations, and to promote their teaching programs on a global scale. Their students are using the World Wide Web through activities and projects that involve online research, collaboration, and electronic publication. Covering a broad range of topics related to pragmatic use of the Internet in the art room, this up-to-date resource provides a solid introduction to how art teachers can make the most of the Internet, transforming existing online resources and art curriculum goals into working teaching strategies and rewarding classroom projects for students.

Topics covered include

  • How the Internet can support contemporary art education goals and practices
  • How the Web really works, and how to effectively search for online information
  • Building connections to students' everyday lives, including using the Web to support your students as knowledge builders
  • Promoting safe and responsible Internet use in the classroom
  • Assessment strategies to gauge students' learning and performance

Tags: The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet, Craig Roland, Internet
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